Freedom - Christ Sets You Free - Tim McConnell

Oct. 16

For freedom Christ has set you free. How many ways do you try to find greater freedom? Freedom is not liberty to make choices with no bounds. You can severely injure yourself and others with that mentality. Think of a fish—it is free within the liberating constraint of the water. Beyond these boundaries is not freedom, but death. G. K. Chesterton tells a mythical story about children on a walled island. An adventurer found them and “liberated them” by removing the walls. A year later he came to visit and they were huddled in the middle of the island for fear because one of them had fallen off the cliffs. The freedom Christ offers is a liberating constraint, walking in His ways and His paths for your fullness of life. This freedom you must defend from those who seek to control you. Sometimes they offer a worldly brand of “freedom” but that is not the freedom you need.
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