You found the digital companion to the First Pres Advent Devotional. In addition to reading devotionals, we want to engage with God’s great rescue plan by inviting you to sing it, hear it, see it and retell it as the great rescue unfolds in our lives.  

Advent Devotional

Retell It

It’s the first week of Advent. Let’s rehearse and tell again the good news that our faith and hope is in the Lord. Did you see little eyes in this video get big when lighting the candle? Good news spoken or practiced, even through little things like lighting a candle, can help your soul expand as wide as little eyes as we wait in faith for the Lord. You don’t need a formal wreath with just-so colors, ordinary will do. The One you need has already come. And He still rescues.

For a quick, repeatable practice, let your voice carry the words below so little liturgies echo around you this season.

Leader: The Lord is our faith and our life.

ALL: May the Lord’s peace be with us all.

Leader: And His love shines in our hearts.

ALL: Our hope is in the coming of the Lord.

(Light one purple candle.)

Leader: Let us pray that our faith may be strengthened for the coming of the Lord. (Any additional prayer as desired.)

ALL: Amen. 

Hear It

Hear Psalm 71 from devotional day 4. Let the Word of God wash over you and bring you peace.

Hear the song Hear Comes Heaven by Elevation Worship as performed by Chris Cullins. Let this song set rescue before your eyes as you get ready for your days this week. Rejoice! Darkness reigns no more.  

Psalm 71 Hear Comes Heaven

See It

Image selection inspired from Psalm 71, devotional day 4. Take a moment to reflect on places where beauty helps us see a deeper hope on the horizon. 

Sing It

This season we will sing together of God’s rescue by singing Come Thou Long Expected Jesus. It’s a hymn that easily sticks in your mind and we hope it sticks to your bones as you hum it around the house and as we sing it together in a Sunday service. Try teaching it to little ones in your life by singing it with Jamal throughout the week. Learning songs in advance is one way to help kiddos engage when we gather for worship.